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How long do hangovers last?

Did you go out drinking last night waking up the next morning with a pounding in your head regretting all the fun you had the night before? Do you have a hangover? We’ve all woken up and next morning wondering Possibly how long does hangover can last.

So how long do Hangovers Last?

For most people that painful pounding in your head, drowsiness, nausea and that sense of extreme regret only last 24 hours. Under certain circumstances that aching sense of disappointment, your hangover, linger past its welcome.

If you drink too much, don’t drink enough water, are on medication or don’t sleep enough you could be one of the few who encounter an extended hangover. Here are a few ways to keep your hangovers to 24 hours or possibly you could eliminate them.

Drank Too Much Alcohol

Moderation and self-control are one of the most important factors to keep that painful hangover at bay. The more alcohol you have, the longer it is going to take your body to decrease your blood alcohol level. Which means the longer it will take to process your hangover. The best thing you can do is to drink less and have self-control if you would like to avoid a hangover.

Didn’t stay well hydrated

Alleviate the pain by staying well hydrated. Help that hangover by alternating every alcoholic beverage with a glass of water and be sure you keep drinking water even if you don’t feel like it the following day. Alcohol is a diuretic; the more you drink, the more dehydrated you become. Vomiting, a common hangover symptom, will dehydrate you even more. Until your body is hydrated again your hangover symptoms will continue. It’s essential to stay well hydrated to avoid that multi-day hangover.

You’re on Medication

The liver and kidneys metabolize antibiotics and most other medications. These are the same organs that help break down alcohol. Drinking alcohol and taking medication keeps your body working overtime. Combining some alcohol and medicines can cause liver demand and other harm to the body. It is imperative to speak to your doctor before combining and pharmaceuticals and alcohol.

You had a rough night sleep.

Not sleeping or sleeping poorly can severely impact the severity of your hangover symptoms. Studies show that whether you fall asleep easily or not at all following a long night of drinking, you’re not sleeping as well. After drinking your sleep is restless and significantly less effective. Regularly napping following a long night of drinking shows to be the most effective way to get the rest your body needs.

Eliminate your multiday hangover by following these simple steps. No one wants to miss the next day, be late for work or even worse get fired because you hit the bottle a little too hard.

Fewer Regrets

I leave you with this shameless plug, remember to take fewer Regrets with you to help avoid the painful morning all together. Remember, you might have regrets from the night before, but a hangover doesn’t have to be one of them.


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