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Rum Vs. Vodka – What’s Best for Calorific Content?

Anyone who loves a good drink now and again but who wants to keep an eye on their figure can be mindful of the calorific content of their mixed drinks. We put them to the test – asking Rum Vs.Vodka – What’s best for calorific content? A look at how many calories are in your average vodka, versus how many calories are in your typical rum. We then find out what amounts to a cocktail that flattens the waistline, as well as meeting all your alcohol needs.

How Many Calories in a Shot of Rum?

Rum Barrel

1.5 fluid ounces of rum (that’s about a 42g measure) contains only 97 calories according to the USDA. This figure assumes the rum is 80 proof. That’s about the same number of calories as one level tablespoon of full-fat mayonnaise, or (in healthier foods): 3 whole cucumbers, three whole carrots and two heads of lettuce!
The NHS provides a great visual aid, which helps you imagine what 100 calories looks like in terms of real food.

How Many Calories in a Shot of Vodka?

Vodka Shot

1.5 fluid ounces of vodka that is 80 percent proof contains 97 calories ? which is precisely the same as how many calories you would find in a single shot of rum! If you drink your vodka or your rum straight, you will be gaining precisely the same amount of weight. In terms of calories, the two drinks are interchangeable. 

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So, Why Do I Gain Weight Drinking Vodka or Rum Cocktails?

Well, mixed drinks are precisely that: mixed. How many of us walk into a bar and order a neat vodka or a straight rum on the rocks? When it comes to these two spirits, in particular, they are pretty low calorie. If you were on a diet and wanted a drink, rum, or vodka would make the ideal answer.
However, once you start mixing them with other things, the calories begin to stack up. A rum might only be 97 calories ? but rum and coke is the total sum of coke (139 calories) plus the total sum of the rum (97 calories). Suddenly that cheeky tipple is becoming more of a hazardous mixed drink in terms of weight gain. So, how do we negate those calories? Don’t worry ? we have tips for you!

What Mixers Have the Least Calories?

There are ways around gaining weight on a night out and carefully choosing your cocktails, and mixed drinks is an ideal place to cut back on calories. The absolute top best mixer to drink for calorific content is Club Soda, it has Zero calorific content and goes well with both Rum and Vodka. 

Fresh lemon and lime juice both have minimal calories, and if you are interested, you should check out these low cal cocktails using rum and vodka courtesy of Whole Life Challenge. Other suggestions for low calorie mixed drinks include replacing full-fat sodas with diet sodas, choosing potassium-rich fruit juices to line the stomach and prevent a hangover, and avoiding mixed drinks with more than two ingredients.

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